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I've also noticed this problem when printing PDF files, such as user manuals, downloaded from the Web that have embedded screen shots. Thus, it's not the HP inkjet drivers, per se, that are causing the problem. However, HP Inkjet printers are not Postscript-compatible.

So, I suspect that the problem has something to do with the Postscript conversion or emulation that happens when PDF doents are printed to HP inkjet printers. It would be nice if soomeone at Adobe could look into this, because it's really a pain to have to re-open PDFs with embedded graphics in Preview in order to print them on an Officejet. If the file prints properly, then the issue is the printer driver.

Printing problem on Mac

However, this happens more often with clone script printers, as opposed to true postscript printers. Mike, "pushing the limits of what the driver can handle" makes no sense and suggesting that "well written software" can do such a thing demonstrates a deep misunderstanding of the principle of system orthogonality as well as computing in general. Please refrain from commenting unless you fully understand the concepts at hand.

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Displayed image is pixelated and color distorted after printing By lgeorge1 in forum Adobe Photoshop Elements. Bookmarks Bookmarks del. All times are GMT. If this works for you, you are lucky.

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Check your OS version, also make sure the version of your PDF tool and Printer is within the compatibility of the OS version, if not, update the mac version and restart the programs to try printing PDFs. Receiving error message: Filter Failed To solve this, you need to reset the print system. Assuring you choose the PDF file from correct destination. Your PDF is corrupt? A PDF may looks fine but contain damaged content such as images or fonts that your PDF tool cannot process during printing.

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Your PDF is secured? Have you checked if your PDF is password protected?

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If it shows password security, your PDF is restricted from printing, editing or copying, and you need to unlock the file for printing. So, have you finally figured out why you can't print the PDF on Mac? Share your real experience to kill the problem. Reduce PDF file size without losing any quality. Fortunately, receiving and printings a password protected PDF, even not knowing what the password is not a tricky problem anymore. Protected PDFs cannot be changed, which means it is impossible to add links, bookmarks or combine pages from these files as part of your regular document operations.

PDF plays an important role in life and work. How to choose PDF tools wisely?

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But most of the time, the problem comes out from the printer driver. You can definitely find out the reason if you look into it deeper and longer as the article listed. All rights reserved.

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