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Vervolgens bepaal je de grootte in pixels en de compressie van de uitvoer. Zo nodig geef je met iResize elke foto dezelfde bestandsnaam, maar met een nummertje erachter.

Wanneer je op 'Resize All' hebt gedrukt, doet de foto-editor zijn werk razendsnel en betrouwbaar. Let wel dat ook deze beeldbewerker alleen uitvoert naar jpg. IResize is een uitstekende applicatie voor 'batch-bewerking' van afbeeldingen. Met enkele muisklikken zijn je al je foto's kleiner, groter, gedraaid of hernoemd. Zo edit je onder andere jpg, gif, png en tiff-bestanden, welke je uitvoert naar het jpg-formaat.

Verklein, vergroot, roteer en 'rename' foto's in batch

Het is Lees de volledige beschrijving. Picasa Google's alternatief voor iPhoto. Adobe Illustrator Creatieve vector-graphics. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Uitgebreide bewerkingsstudio voor foto's.

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How to Reduce the File Size

Aperture Afbeeldingen bewerken, beheren en produceren. Download iResize 3. You can, however, change the type of files you save your images in to keep the graphics from consuming too much precious space. Currently, there are two main file types used with graphics: The latter, a JPEG file, is great for photographic images that are not compressed since this process results in discarded data and the quality will suffer.

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This is known as lossy compression. The other file type, PNG, is a much better option. Not only does PNG offer a choice between 8- and bit images for quality, but it also supports transparent image backgrounds.

Free PDF Compressor - Download

By compressing the images that are in the file and clearing out any data redundancy the file is reduced in size and considered optimized. When optimizing a PDF file, you have the option to downsample the image, which decreases the number of pixels in it to make the file size smaller. This, however, can also lower the quality and sharpness of the image. In addition to making the images smaller, the PDF optimizer tool will allow you to remove embedded fonts, objects that are not needed and user data as well as clean up anything that might cause the file size to increase without adding to file quality.

Knowing how to best create documents before you start with PDF software makes all the difference when document size is a consideration. Yet you can also ensure that everything that supports document content is optimized according to your size requirements. Your email address will not be published.