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MAC Stroke of Midnight Holiday 2013 Palettes & Brush Sets

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MAC Shiny Pretty Things Holiday 2018 Collection - PART II

Copyright The Shades Of U. Designed by BloggerTemplate. The thing that I like best about Coastal Scents is that the company is extremely transparent about what their brushes are made of, from goat or pony hair to nylon, the most basic of synthetic fibers. But this is a great, full set for the price. So what makes these brushes so much cheaper than more expensive full sets? The handle painting and ferrule finish are sort of meh and they dull out pretty quickly. The wood under the paint on the handle is also probably something very cheap, like pine. Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection. At this price point, Eyes Lips Face e.

The website, unfortunately, does not say specifically what these are made of, although the brand does note that is is partners with PETA in the Caring Consumer Project.

I recommend buying this set directly from e. Your very first thought on these might be how much they resemble Real Techniques brushes. Unfortunately, Real Techniques does not offer a very complete full face set in their product line, so My Brush Betty could not recommend it here. So MODA from Royal and Langnickel , a highly trusted brush maker that also makes paint brushes, gets the nod instead at this price point.

These brushes also have no-slip handles, another rarity at this price. That said, this brush set is missing a separate brush for powder or blush, but for the price under a major brush label, this is a good-to-great set. This is a super cheap brush set that represents a good value for the money. My Brush Betty recommends it because consumers have reported good luck with it, as you can see from the reviews below.

That said, be careful what you buy on eBay. So, buyer beware. GlamourbyLexi, who has embedding disabled, talks about the Coastal Scents brushes here β€” https: Angela here has compiled her own collection based on personal preferences for individual brushes, which is also a great way to build a collection! I bought the large Shany Brush set and what a dissapointment. At first I thought they were great. But then two of the brushes shed all over my face on first use, and there after.

The die from the brushes came off on my face too. Once they become wet with liquid makeup, its all over. After only two uses on another of the brushes the entire group of bristles came out from the handle. I called Shany and they said to send them a copy of my reciept from Amazon and to photograph the brushes and they would replace them. The person I spoke with though sounded uninterested and there was something in her tone that made lack confidence. After following their explicit instructions including emailing all of what I mentioned here to their customer service dept.

It was a too good to be true offer for sure. I came across this article quite by accident, but read it with great interest. I appreciate that it included such a wide range of brush sets. Something for everyone, I think. Zoeva is a German based company that creates amazing brushes at an even more amazing price. The quality rivals MAC, Sigma,.

Stilla, MFE. Delivery to the U. Certainly worth checking out. Here is a link: I have the same Crown Badger set. I have this exact same set. I loved the eye brushes when I wore eye makeup. Anyway, after some medical issues about a year or two ago I started to wear more makeup and enjoying more variety. Unfortunately I hated the face brushes! They SHED.

I hate having to pull hair off my face. Like four years on… Clearly they are not getting better.

MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Kit Review

I recently got the Sigma set you have here on travel size like you mention. And a couple real techniques. I was about ready to throw out the Crown brushes but something keeps me from doing so. So is there anything I can do to improve the shedding situation?

MAC Stroke of Midnight Holiday Palettes & Brush Sets – Musings of a Muse

The other brushes are all good except some nicks in the handles here and there. I still reach for the eye brushes a lot. The larger three are however all shedding to different degrees.

go site The flat top is unusable. Thanks for the very useful blog!! I recently discovered.

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At My Brush Betty, welovemakeupbrushes: The art, science, manufacturing, marketing and, of course, care and cleaning. What is the very best makeup brush set on the market? To be honest, answering that question depends a bit on your budget. The Problem With Brush Sets One of the big problems with brush sets on the market today is that they can fall short somewhere in being complete.

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As I went about compiling this list, I also kept in mind several challenges you can run into with brushes, especially as you explore down market, such as: Smelliness , which can sometimes be pretty bad. It might come from the glue and sometimes, if its egg-y smelling, from the dye, which is used to give the hair or fiber a consistent appearance; Bleeding , which can be from a poor or unfinished dye job; Breakage , where handles separating from ferrules; and, the biggest deal-breaker for most beauty lovers: Excessive shedding. Or total toe failure, where the hair assembly falls apart or the integrity is otherwise damaged.