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If you have seen a wikiHow article with text that is in italics and wondered, "How can I do that on my iMac?


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Categories: Mac. Learn more See that key where the apostrophe is? Hit that twice. Now add the text you want to be in italics, and hit the apostrophe key twice. This is the first way to make italics text. First Type your style name.

Than you will have to choose Fonts. A box should pop up.

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Where it says default and has a pull-down menu, select the pull down menu. Equation numbers that are inserted by MathType are simply text, so they can be styled like any other text in Word. There's more to it than that though; read on….

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We'd love to hear from you. Can't change the font of a MathType equation number.

Even though MathType does not control the font Word uses for equation numbers, MathType does provide a style for this, and by controlling the definition of this style, you can control which font and font styles Word will use for equation numbers. This style is named MTDisplayEquation.

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This style is not included by default on Word's Style Gallery, nor does it exist before you insert a display equation into the current document. If you're using a Mac, proceed to the next step.

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On Windows, to find the MTDisplayEquation style and modify it click the dialog launcher at the lower corner of the Styles group of the Home tab:. When you do that, you'll see the MTDisplayEquation style near the top of the Styles panel screen shot on left below.