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I have ADE 4. I can see my library books on the bookshelf, but when I click on them I get the following error message in a window labelled "Computer Authorization":. Digital Editions encounter an error on the activation server. To retry, click the Try Again button.

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I click "Try Again" and go in circles. I have tried de-authorizaing the computer, but that doesn't work; it doesn't accept the password. But I know the password is correct because I use a password manager and that same password is what I use to sign in successfully to the adobe website and every other adobe app I have. I've tried downloading ADE 2. In any case, with the next OS, 2. Account 1: [E-mail removed by moderator. This is not support, it's a public user-to-user forum.

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When I download library books they do not appear in ADE. Then ADE will not allow me close it or use any of the buttons. This program was working fine I was travelling and getting books from the library regularly with no problems. I have tried uninstalling it and downloading it again then unauthorising then reauthorising but it still won't work. I had no problem on my old Mac downloading library books.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Adobe software with no luck. Someone help please.

Adobe was no help on the phone support since the Digital Edition is a free product! My original installation of ADE was on my Windows 10 laptop. I signed in an authorized the computer, only to find that I couldn't read the 6 books that I intended to sync. They all displayed on the Mac, but they had various errors. I got into a chat with a support agent to fix the issue, but they didn't really seem to know what they were doing. After reinstalling, the app wouldn't sign out.

She sent me a link to this forum, but I couldn't get in. It said I had to verify my email, which is when I realized that the email I had created my Adobe account with no longer existed. I changed the email on my account, but then realized that I couldn't change the email that ADE was signed in with. When I tried to Erase the Authorization, it rejected my password. I made sure it was correct and even logged into Adobe on another browser to make sure my password was actually working.

The problem was ADE. Why do I have to enter my password to sign out anyways? The point is, I have no idea what to do to get ADE to let me read my synced library. It has been extremely frustrating to deal with and I wasted the time of that poor chat agent with this issue. Please help! Error al obtener la licencia. Alguien sabe como solucionar el problema?

Any media queries or some other method? Wie muss ich vorgehen? Have tried everything re installing, de activation and activating but nothing - Kobo don't know, Adobe refer me to forum and there is nothing on there that resolves the issue. Can anybody help with this? I am trying to open my Adobe Digital Editions installed on Windows 7 Enterprise from my company but it does not work anymore. When I installed it few months ago it was working properly, now not any more. I can see the SW opens from the task bar right clicking the icon, but when I click on the icon, the window slides out as it would open into another screen I also checked the multiple screen settings but nothing..

Come posso forzare la rimozione dell'autorizzazione del computer all'applicazione Adobe digital Editions?

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I am unable to add books and I can't deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions. I have tried uninstalling the program but when I reinstall it still has my login details.

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I have a Mac. I would like to know that what exactly am I doing wrong that is causing the authorization process to fail? I would greatly appreciate any help in this regard. Adobe Digital Editions. Is it possible to authorize an Windows 10 Mobile -device for Overdrive to open Adobe-protected eBooks from the local library?

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I got this bizarre error message; There is nothing wrong with my device date syntax. Do you ever in Adobe think any other region than Northern part of America. It just happened with me - I was halfway through downloading my books from Kobo, and opening them in Digital Editions, and then this error popped up. I've enven deleted the Adept file from the registry and re-registered it - but still the error pops up When I click "Add to Library," the following error message appears:.

Error getting license: License Server Communication Problem. I see that a number of people have already posted about this exact problem, and have either been directed to a page which suggests contacting support I tried that and was told to post here , or have been told to contact Google who apparently then redirect you back to Adobe , and the most recent posts on this haven't received any response at all.

It would be great to get some actual clarification on what seems to be quite a basic issue. I recently had my Digital Edition app deleted mistakenly on my iPhone. Hallo ,. Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content:.

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Account: login. More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 50 of I cannot deauthourize my Adobe Digital 3. I download ebooks from my library to Adobe Digital 3. How to fix??? Contact us about this article. I have been trying to open some books in the ADE bookshelf and frequently unsuccessful with the following message: 1 Unable to open Getting Started with Adobe Digital Edition 4.

Can some one help? Jag fattar ingenting! Digital editions ha dejado de funcionar de repente. It has been like this since the 20th of July What can I do? Nothing is working.. I'm forced to stop buying ebooks.