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Cambria Win: Garamond Win: Georgia Win: Goudy Old Style Win: Hoefler Text Win: 0. Lucida Bright Win: Palatino Win: Perpetua Win: Rockwell Win: Rockwell Extra Bold Win: Baskerville Win: Times New Roman Win: Monospaced Consolas Win: Courier New Win: Lucida Console Win: Lucida Sans Typewriter Win: Monaco Win: 2. Andale Mono Win: 4. Fantasy Copperplate Win: Papyrus Win: What are Web Safe Fonts?

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GIMP FONT LOADING TIME FIX (Looking for data files Font Cache)

To my unaided eye, the visual comparison of all the letters yields no noticable differences. If someone thinks it's POV to have only Linotype's claim and no counterclaim, please back up the counterclaim with a better example than non-existent serifs. Joriki , 21 December UTC. Are you sure about this?

Segoe Script Bold

It doesn't show Microsoft created two more fonts under the Segoe name which will be included in Windows Vista read about them here. I want to include these fonts in the article, but I don't know how to create the samples. Can anyone provide some sort of tutorial? So can this font be used in commercial publications or not?

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The article only states is can be legally downloaded. I have no time for this right now, so I'll let somebody else take care of it. Somewhat surprised that it's taken this long for someone to note the SuSE distribution of a early version of Segoe. Analysis of the fonts included with SuSE Linux reveals that many fonts were purged from the product in recent releases including Segoe.

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Both the Myriad and Podium Sans Wikipedia pages make reference to the issue of these fonts being similar to Frutiger. The Myriad page also includes a quote from Adrian Frutiger himself.

Script Fonts

I wonder why was this section removed? A bias in favor of Apple and Adobe over Microsoft and Monotype? Will windows 7 contain new versions of this font family?

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  • I cannot find, through my limited research, that there is any connection between Segoe Road in Madison, Wisconsin and the name of this font. Group29 talk , 7 February UTC. We need a link to the article that explains "Bi-level rendering" mentioned in the Characteristics section.

    I was unable to decipher that section's meaning before first reading about hinting and bi-level rendering. I found an article on Hinting and added a link to that, but had to go elsewhere to understand bi-level rendering. It was only after learning what bi-level rendering was that I was able to search and find a relevant topic here under Font rasterization. The term "Bi-level rendering" is not specifically mentioned in that article, but the topic is covered.

    Because the article has no section specific to the topic, and the term "bi-level rendering" is not used in the article, a link to the article in its current form would be too ambiguous to be useful. It would be good to make that article's discussion of bi-level rendering into its own section so that it can be linked to from here. I lack the editorial skills and experience to do it myself. Gilly3 talk , 13 August UTC.

    The Ulrich Stiehl quote goes nowhere. The "quote" itself is idiotic, and the claim the he, Ulrich Stiehl, is against plagiarism is completely meaningless.

    Segoe Script Bold premium font buy and download

    As anyone involved with font design, every "utilitarian" font is based on some existing design. There is a very limited space of maneuver in font design. Artistic designs of course have more leeway. The article itself is very poor, more concerned with idiotic accusations of plagiarism than to describe the font and its importance for being.