How to insert cd into mac drive

The drive works seamlessly with my macbook air. Then, a CD icon should pop up on your desktop. If you're trying to sync CDs with iTunes, that is an even easier process! Once you've completed your usage of the disc, you click on the disc icon, go to "File" in the main menu on the top of the macbook, and scroll down to "eject disc".

Sharing discs

I considered this purchase a bargain, and I highly recommend the drive! Add to cart. This arrived securely packaged in a very nice case with an instruction card and usb adapter. Easy, works great and excellent value with the included case seriously nice case!

How to Use Apple SuperDrive with Windows and PC

I will update here if I have any problems but happy so far and very happy with the seller. List Price: You Save: My new iMac does not have a dvd drive, so you need an external if you use discs. I guess I don't know enough to know it would called such if it was a slot dvd drive. It's made by Archgon, which seems to be a secret in the amazon listings. I discovered they are a somewhat well known company. Just plugged it in to my computer, cd went right to itunes. Ware Jr.

How to Insert a Disc in a MacBook

Excellent company with great customer service. I highly recommend Version Tech for any purchase.

How to use CD/DVD drive on either Mac or Windows

See All Buying Options. This unit does not come with its own power cord, and a powered USB connection is required; it will not operate if plugged into a USB bank that is not powered. I thought about getting the Apple version, but it's kind of expensive for just a few hours a use a month, at best.

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I really got this to start looking through my thousands of photos stored on DVDs and CDs, and so far it works perfectly. I opened the box, plugged it into a USB 3.

You don't need drivers or anything and some of you who think it's necessary for a Mac, really need to understand how a Mac works with peripherals. This simple system consists of a small hole usually located just below the DVD drive tray.

How to Insert a Disc in a MacBook |

To eject a stuck DVD, unfold a paperclip and insert the now straight clip into the ejection hole. When you feel the paperclip pressed against an object, continue to push.

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The drive tray should start to eject. When the tray is open a small amount, you can pull the tray the rest of the way out. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.

Macbook Pro 2011 insert and eject CD DVD noise stereo sound effect HQ 96kHz

He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated January 16, In the Terminal window , enter one of the following three commands: If you have a single optical drive: If you have both an internal and external optical drive, use the appropriate command below, depending on which drive has the stuck CD or DVD: To find out the optical drive's name, issue the following Terminal command: Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Eject Stuck CD/DVDs Even With No OS Installed

Connect a compatible optical drive directly to your Mac if you need to use one of these discs: Setting up a Mac to share discs To share discs from a Mac that has a built-in or external optical drive, use these steps: On the Mac that has an optical drive, choose System Preferences from the Apple menu. Click the Sharing icon in the System Preferences window. Make sure you've entered a name that you can easily recognize in the Computer Name field.

You can also restrict who has access to your optical drive by selecting "Ask me before allowing others to use my DVD drive. Setting up a Windows PC to share discs To share discs from a Windows PC that has a built-in or external optical drive, use these steps: On the Mac that doesn't have an optical drive, open a Finder window.

Select Remote Disc in the Devices section of the sidebar.